Giant Frogs, Mystic Portals, and a Whole New World

Giant toad   holloway

  • The battle with the unholy fiend was hard fought and eventually NightStorm resorted calling on the powers of nature to assist. He summoned forth a gigantic frog that attacked and then swallowed the fiend whole while our heroes dispatched his evil minions. When the battle was done the giant frog expectorated the knife of Chemosh and vanished back to his home plane.
  • Rider delivered the knife to his patron and was informed that his mother had been set free and was awaiting him back home.
  • NightStorm, being anxious to find his ladylove pressed the companions to return to Port Balifor to seek information and her whereabouts. Rider secured them passage on a ship and they made quick time in returning.
  • Shortly after returning NightStorm found out that ShadowWind had recently been seen in the slave market and had been bought by a merchant that was heading north. The group mad quick pursuit and caught the caravan as it was stopped near a strange rock formation that appeared to be some kind of portal. As they crept up on the caravan they saw that not only was ShadowWind not a slave, but she was assisting in some strange ritual around the portal.
  • After approaching and being reunited with ShadowWind NightStorm learned that the caravan was comprised of devoted followers of Chislev and were trying to open a portal to get to the goddesses planet. So he assisted in the ritual and the portal was opened. Originally NightStorm had not planned to go through the portal, but once the followers of Chilev had ventured through he heard sounds of battle and impulsively ran to help with his companions in tow.
  • On the other side of the portal they found the followers of Chislev being attacked by strange plant creatures. After a vicious battle all of the party had fallen to the poisonous vapors of the plant creatures except NightStorm who surrendered himself to be tested by the arboreal creatures to ensure that he and his party were not hellspawn.
  • The testing was successful and the party learned that a force of hellspawn had recently ventured through this portal and lain waste to all that they encountered. Further investigation would lead the group to the lands of the fey creatures and then on to find the mountain valley where the hells[awn creatures were massing an army to push through another portal attack Chislev directly.
  • Determined to help this world and defend mother nature the heroes dispatched the tree folk and fey creatures back to their homelands to prepare and muster strength while they ventured on to find the elves that were supposed to be living to the east.
  • In the east they found the great city of Vlad. A port for outlanders and spell jammers. After much discussion and interaction they were able to convince the Admiral of Vlad of the threat to the west and they were informed that Vlad would assist them in the fight if they could reach the fleet in Ansalon and bring the strength back to Vlad.
  • The group then took flying carpets back to the lands of the fey creatures, gathered their companions, and travelled on to the lands of the tree folk. Once there they made plans to resist the forces of evil. With the tree folk and fey creatures raiding and harrying the dark troops as best they could, the men from Vlad would try and reach the stone giants and other creatures to the north, and the folk from Krynn would journey back to Ansalon and try to contact that great fleet in Tarsis.
Following Chemosh's Blade

Dairly plains

  • Girisha “Gir” Chanth appears at the Dragon Perch Inn, he speaks perfect N. Ergothian with a N. Ergothian accent. He gives Ridir a gift from Malchidiel. This is a badge which when Ridir puts it on shows that Ridir is the member of <<insert>>. This changes depending on who looks at it. Ridir sees that it is the badge marking him as a member of the Captain of the Guard of Balifor, but [[:tristan-de-warforge | Tristan}} sees that Ridir is a member of the Nordmaar’s elite guard. Gir, pronounced “Gere”, explains that Majere has sent him here to act as a guide to assist the quest.
  • The following morning, Gir leads them flawlessly and without hesitation into the poor district. Here Ridir interviews an old man who takes them to the murdered bodies.
  • There were 3 bodies, one a Silvanesti Elf named Finglotin Telrunya who is the diplomat to Ran-Khal; the second the diplomat from Balifor, Exnar Peginshy; and the third Tristan recognized as being from Nordmaar, there were no documents on the Nordmaar they assumed he also was a diplomat. The Elf and Nordmaarian had their throat slit and the Baliforian was stabbed in the heart.
  • Gir led us to the Palace, where we talked with the man who schedules the meetings with the Sirda, Gena Atol. He was not very helpful.
  • Gir then led us to the Embassy of Silvanost. Here [[:findec-no-telr-nya | Findecano Telrunya]], the Diplomat’s brother was able to answer all sorts of questions. Finglotin had not been seen for 2 weeks. Visited with the Sirda on the last day seen. Was last known to be visiting other diplomats. Ridir found a note written in blood, warning the diplomat to leave as his kind were not welcome in Ran-Khal.
  • Findecano wanted to be led to the body of his brother, Gir agreed to lead him to the poor district. We would meet up at the Baliforian embassy afterwards.
  • On the way to the Baliforian embassy, Ridir stopped at the Embassy between the Silvanost and Baliforian embassies. This was the Kharolisian embassy. Ridir was greated cordially and in a thickly accented common was able to meet with the diplomat, who hadn’t had any bloody notes, and no oddities. Ridir was well received, and well fed.
  • At the Baliforian embassy, the staff was a little shocked that someone from the Captain of the watch could have arrived so quickly. They were shocked when Ridir informed them that Exnar Peginshy was dead, and the Deputy Diplomat Ibopsin Ziminski was very helpful. He was last seen 4 days ago, having attended a party hosted by another diplomat. After condolences were given, they were able to find a bloody note like the one given to the elves.
  • Gir’s cousin, Nan was waiting for Ridir outside of the Baliforian embassy, she is much like Gir with similar traits, and also following Majere.
  • The next embassy was the embassy to the orcs, and although tempted to check on them Ridir passed them by.
  • The Nordmaarian emabassy was across the street from the orc’s. Ridir was admitted easily due to his credentials, and they were stunned to hear that the diplomat was dead. He was last seen 2 days ago. The Diplomat was close to the Sirda and did not require appointments to visit him, but was last known visiting other diplomats. A bloody note was discovered among his correspondence. The Deputy Diplomat’s name is Mateo Soberano
  • Nan guided everyone including Mateo to the bodies. Once reunited with Gir Ridir bid farewell to the grieving diplomats and rushed back to the embassy row.
  • Sensing a pattern, Ridir visited the second embassy following Nordmaar. This was the N. Ergothian embassy. Here, hoping to catch the Diplomat before he was killed Ridir took the direct approach asking if the Diplomat [[:Jim Beyond]] had received a bloody note. The staff looked and after searching the embassy for the diplomat frantically, informed Ridir that Jim had gone for a walk to “think things over”.
    Skinsaw man
  • Getting directions to where this walk took place usually, Ridir and Gir ran after the diplomat. Finding him fighting for his life from an ugly male humanoid creature wielding a long blade that looked like a shaver!
In the beginning...
First session

In the first playing session we did the following:

  • The PCs were introduced and immediately encountered a priest Sword of Mishakal that was being attacked by small goblin-like creatures.
    • The priest seemed in a bad state and was heavily pressed by a multitude of these creatures.
    • The bodies of other were strewn about the area indicating that we had come upon the end of a mighty battle.
    • The heros dispatched the little monsters and tended to the Priest.
    • They were able to stabilize him, but not heal all of his wounds as there seemed to be something broken or diseased within him..
    • He handed the PCs a scroll that told of “the Taker of Princesses”.
  • The heros crafted an A-frame and proceeded to take the priest toward Balifor in an effort to find him some help.
    • Along the way the saw several remains of mighty battles that were, presumably, held between the priest and other groups of the goblin-like creatures.
  • On arrival in Balifor the PCs secured lodging at the Sleeping Wolf Inn and sent for help for the priest.
    • Help arrived in the form of a Celric of Habbakuk who instructed NightStorm while Andreus and Ridir received help and information from a member of the Disgruntled Guards Guild.
  • After further investigation and some frivolity the PCs discovered the following:
    • The Order of Takhisis is preparing for the Summer Solstice ceremony.
    • 4 princesses are rertedly missing and their homelands equate to roughly the four cardinal directions.
    • Ancient texts show that there was once a ceremony performed in Takhis’ name that involved killing 4 virgins by shoving them off of a cliff.
    • A slave trader brought a young woman into the city that matched the description of one of the princesses.
  • NightStorm has solicited the assistance of a large (and possibly fiendish)tabby cat to see if he can confirm that the princesses are being held in the affluent part of the city and specifically investigate the cathedral.
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