Prestige Classes

Prestige Classes

The Lordships are not necessarily keyed to one alignment; although some tend to lean to one side or another. An evil Lord White may thrive on slavery; while a good Lord Black may look for ways in which to help others achieve their goals before death.

I can see this as a prestige class that only requires 2-5 levels. Also, their can only be one lord of each color at a time. When another seeks that color, he must either receive the name from the current lord (who in turn loses it) or take it from them (usually by death).

Elements: The category that the character choose to flavor his prestige class.
Bard – Winds; Horns; Strings; Skins
Barbarian – North (Cardinal Directions); Emotions; Winds
Cleric – Attributes of the Gods
Druids – Seasons; Stellar Bodies
Fighters – Blades; Weapons
Monks – Forms or Fighting Styles
Paladin – Virtues (Honesty, etc.)
Ranger – Climes (Mountains, etc)
Rogue – Rogue Skills (Locks)
Sorcerer – (Monster) Blood
Wizard – Schools (Summoning, etc)

Choose from the extraordinary traits in the MM for lower ranking. Higher ranking classes perhaps can gain the supernatural abilities. No spell-like abilities given.

-Bestowed Title = A group of people (usually a governing body) must confer the title of Lord upon the character.
-Superior Attribute = One of the characters attributes (strength, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, wisdom, charisma) must exceed 19.
1: Extraordinary power. Look through the MM for an extraordinary ability possesed by a monster with attributes similar to the character Lordship.
2: Extraordinary power.
3: Supernatural power. Same as above, but choosing a supernatural ability that corresponds with the characters Lordship.
4. Extraordinary power.
5. Supernatural power.
Base Attack: Cleric. Hit Dice: Cleric.

-Elemental Lord = In order to qualify as the king of an element, the character must have two supernatural powers that apply to that element.
-Wisdom of the Ages = An elemental king must have a wisdom of 15.
1. Kingly form (see Patron form), detect element
2.Supernatural ability – At second level, and elemental king must choose a supernatural ability that will further change his form.
3. Elemental Fury – As the ruler of the element, the character can choose one extraordinary or supernatural power to use at double strength that day.
4. Elemental Knowledge – The king knows the inherent value of any item within his element. When the Fire King encounters a flame, he automatically knows its temperature, how long it will survive with its current fuel and other such information. The King Blue would know the value of a blue sapphire, the temperature of a blue sky, etc.; Elemental Language – The king can talk to his element, even unintelligent items (see below.)
Unintelligent items have an intelligence score according to their rarity.
Common Int 4 Uncommon Int 7
Rare Int 10 Unique Int 13
5. Supernatural ability – At fifth level, and elemental king must choose a supernatural ability that will further change his form; Elemental Recognition – The elements will recognize the king and will treat him as such.

-God’s/Spirit’s chosen = The character must be chosen by his deity or by a spirit power to be a patron.
1: Extraordinary ability.
2: Patron Form.= When the character chooses a form at this level, it must affect the way he looks.
3: Supernatural power.
4: Speak for God or Spirit
5: Supernatural power.
Base Attack: Cleric. Hit Dice: Cleric.

-The Touch Elements – The magi

-Grand Performance – Not only must a maestro have 12 levels of Perform, but he must have performed in front of high ranking royalty or any level of elemental royalty.
-Elemental Library

-Superior Warrior = Base Attack Bonus +7
-Extraordinary ability = The character must already possess one extraordinary ability.
1: Extraordinary ability.
2: Bonus Feat.
3: Extraordinary ability.
4. Bonus Feat.
5: Supernatural ability.
Base Attack: Fighter. Hit Dice: Fighter.

-Growing Warrior = Base Attack Bonus +2
1: Bonus Feat.
2: Sense element = Similar to the paladin ability, the Squire can sense his particular element.
3: Extraordinary ability.
4: Bonus Feat.
5: Extraordinary ability.

Detect Element – Similar to the paladin ability to detect evil, but refers instead to the characters element.

Patron Form – When choosing this extraordinary ability, the player must choose an ability that will affect his character. For the patron of water, this may mean growing a set of gills. The Patron Yellow’s feet may grow four inches never fitting in boots because of his new ability of tremorsense. Patron form may also include a new form of movement. Stewart the Patron of Silver Dragons might actually grow a pair of silver dragon wings.

New Extraordinary Abilities
- Flight = This ability to fly equals three times the characters normal ground movement rate. This ability may require the growth of wings.
- Swimming = This ability to swim equals the characters normal ground movement rate. The ability may require the growth of fins or webbed hands or feet.
-Living Attribute = Five times a day the character gains an ability improvement. This improvement is similar to the one described in the spells Bull’s Strength, Cat’s Grace, etc. This ability cannot be used on other characters. When this extraordinary ability is chosen, the character must choose which attribute is enhanced. Living Attribute may be taken multiple times, each time adding three more daily uses.

Finished through Destrachan

Extraordinary Abilities:
Acid – see Ankheg (MM p. 18).
All-Around Vision – see Beholder ( MM p. 25).(?)
Armor Damage – see Bebilith (MM p. 44).
Black Cloud – see Aechaierai (MM p. 16).
Blindsight – MM p. 9.
Camouflage – DC 20 spot check to notice, see MM p. 21.

Constrict – Deals 1d4 bludgeon damage. Each additional choice of this extraordinary ability increase the damage die (from d4 to d6 to d8 to d10 to d12).
Corrosive Slime – as Delvers (MM p. 40) but perhaps half the damage.
Death Throes – see Balor (MM p. 47).
Elemental Subtype – Immunity to an element but causes double damage from another element.
Engulf – see Cloaker (MM p. 37).*
üFast Healing – 1 point a round(?) as in MM p. 10.
üFlight – as Beholder (MM p. 25).
üFrightful Presence – MM p. 8.
Hardness – choose an Animated Object ( MM p. 17-18) and use its hardness.(?)
Heat – see Azer (MM p. 22) dealing 1d6 fire damage.

üImmunities – choose one: acid, cold, electricity, fire, petrification, poison (see Arrowhawk).
Immune to Transformation – see Chaos Beast ( MM p. 34).
Improved Grab – MM p. 9.
Leap – as Bullette (MM p. 28) allowing to use all four limbs in combat.
Light Ray – as Ghaele Archon (MM p. 32).
Moan – see Cloaker (MM p. 37) perhaps separate the four kinds of moan.
Mucus Cloud – see the Aboleth ( MM p. 15).
Paralysis – see Carrion Crawler ( MM p. 29).
Pass Without Trace – see Barghest ( MM p. 23).
Protection from Sonics – see Destrachan ( MM p. 47).
üPoison – see MM p. 19 (see Aranea, Athach)
üRegeneration – 1 point a round(?) as in MM p. 10. Choose two appropriate, common elements that will deal normal damage. Perhaps start with a certain level of poison and then with each taking of this ability add power.
Resistance to Energy – see MM p. 10 to resist 5-10(?) points of damage from an energy source.
Scent – see MM p. 10.
Smoke Claws – see Belker (MM p. 26). Requires Smoke Form.
Smoke Form – see Belker (MM p. 26).
üSpell Resistance – see MM p. 10; gives SR 15(?)
Spit Acid – see Ankheg (MM p. 15). Acid extraordinary ability is required.
Spores – as Vrock (MM p. 45).*
Stench – as Hezrou (MM p. 45).
Stone Shape – see Delver (MM p. 40). Requires Corrosive Slime.
Transformation – see Aboleth (MM p. 15).
Tremorsense – 60’ like Ankheg (MM p. 18).
Uncanny Dodge – As Astral Deva ( MM p. 33).
Web – as Aranea (MM p. 44) not Bibilith.

  • Requires a change in form.

Extraordinary Abilities for Large Sized Heroes
üSwallow Whole – see Behir (MM p. 24).

Unusable Extraordinary Abilities
Elemental Energy – as Archon (MM p. 32). Instead see the attributes for elemental weapons.
Entangle – as Balor (MM p. 47).
Half Damage – as Hezrou ( MM p. 45).
Keen Vision – see Archon (MM p. 31).
Squeeze – see Chuul (MM p. 37).

Elemental weapon attributes
Elemental Energy – this weapon deals an additional 2d6 to a certain element type.

Chromatic Lords
Prestige Class

Chromatic Lords slowly take on the attributes of the element that their color represents.
Blue – Water Green – Wood (Plants) Red – Flame Yellow – Earth White – Life Black – Death Purple – Air Orange – Metal

Minor Lords
Turquoise – Precious Stones; Lilac – Flowers; Gray – Ashes; Umber (brown/orange) – Rust; Brown – Stone

Several centuries ago, the Lords would take others as squires (allowing them to take one level of the prestige class?) However, that Lord needed to be of sufficient rank and power as to be able to train those squires.

1: Color trait #1.
Color trait: The Chromatic Lord begins to take on the traits of the element that corresponds to his color. Look at the chromatic dragons, elementals, celestials (white and lighter colors), fiends (black and darker colors) and choose a supernatural ability. If the surpernatural ability is a weapon, it does maximum 10d6 damage. If it is spell-like ability it only lasts a maximum of 10 rounds. If it is an ability that comes from an appendage or natural weapon, the Chromatic Lord grows that appendage or weapon in order to gain its use. The ability has the same limitations as the creature.

Must be okayed by DM.

2: Color Clarity
The Chromatic Lord can understand the element of his/her color. Treat these unintelligent creatures as Int 5 and they only answer with “yes” or “no”.

3: Color Trait #2

4: Commune with Color.
The Chromatic Lord can hold full conversations with the element of his/her color. Treat these unintelligent creatures as Int 8.

5. Color Trait #3.

Prestige Classes

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