Wilhelm Heller

Kernan Wizard


Wizard 3/Wizard of High Sorcery 1

Short brown hair. Keeps his beard trimmed when possible.

Wields a wand in the Kernan tradition. Has designed robes with marking that help him aim any cone-shaped attacks.


Background for Wilhelm Heller

During the summer of Wil’s fifth year, a band of wererat spies abducted him and took him back to their fiefdom. They purposely kidnapped him, in order to hold him ransom; because of his status as the oldest son of the literal king of Kern. However, while they were successful at stealing Wil, they were not as successful getting their ransom note to Wil’s father. Their messenger was killed by other lycanthropes while trying to deliver the letter. They put Wil to work doing menial tasks and beat him no matter the quality of the work done. One of his duties was to mend the expensive clothing of the nobility living in the castle. While slaving away for the wererat duke, Wil began to really resent his father, who had obviously abandoned him. While working in the tower fixing clothing, Wil adopted a raven, which he taught to speak and do tricks. However, after many months of companionship, the youngest son of the wererat duke shot the bird while it flew to visit Wil. Having absolutely nothing left, Wil decided to give up. That is when Mishakal found him. One day while dusting, Wil came across a small book of faith-building stories about the followers of Mishakal. Wil knew that the book was not there before, because he had cleaned the bookshelf before and he felt certain that the wererats would have cleaned out such books centuries ago; but there it was. Whenever the lycanthropes were not watching, he would read the book, eventually memorizing all the stories. Three years later, Wil’s Father and kinsmen infiltrated the castle and found Wil. As it turned out, Wil’s Father refused to believe that his son was dead and had spent every waking moment trying to find him. Despite that fact, Wil still has stories that he has not told his family. Some days of being a slave were far too bleak. However, he is eternally grateful to his Father and will do whatever he asks of Wil. Hansen the Wise taught Wil the ways of magic after the young man’s return from captivity. The power harnessed from within made Wil feel safe and so he worked extra hard at it. Just before Wil’s nineteenth birthday, Hansen was killed by a lycanthrope assassin. Wil went into a rage and his brothers had to stop him from running out to kill every lycanthrope he could find. In order to continue his studies and allow him to cool down, Wil’s parents sent him to a school of wizardry in Northern Ergoth. Wil boarded with the Mystarious family, who treated him well but were never successful at weaning him from the use of his wands. Magical studies are different in Kern, where wizards often save their personal spells for a last ditch effort. Instead, they tend to rely on magical items for defense and offense. After learning rudimentary magic, each apprentice works with wands, which have become the weapon of choice amongst Kernan magic-users. This propensity has earned them pitiful looks from foreign wizards, who see wands as a crutch. The usual Kernan would respond, “They don’t know Kernan.” Kern is also known for its wood-carvers and their wands reflect this skill. Often entire stories are etched on wands before they are made magic.

Guilds (Location)
Tower of High Sorcery, (Wayreth)

Wilhelm Heller

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