Stewert Stalwart

Hengeyokai Rogue


Stewert’s Mission

To change some minds about the way sorcery is used. To free sorcerers from the hiding they are put into by the dominance of those that are required to learn that which comes naturally to sorcerers.

Stewert dreams of creating his own school someday where sorcerers of all levels will go to learn from others like them both ways to live and ways to accept who they are. He dreams of a day when he does not have to hide his true self behind an image of his father. He dreams that his family line can be viewed as being a great line for sorcery as well as its swordsmen.

My Son,

Since your ice-cycle years, you have learned the glory of the Southern Sea Empire. Our history of greatness now stands before us. A man of direct lineage from the Emperor Talmor has united our people, now over 20,000 strong. We plan to restore our kingdom to its greatness. Already during the hot season, we have united the southern Clans under the banner of Taemolys and after the Competition of Clay plan to retake the ancient capital of Tarsis. I, your Father, await your return so you can join our cause. Return Son and bring glory upon the house of Stallwart.

Pitr Stallwart,
Bannerman of the Stallwart Clan


Guild Memberships (Place of Application)
Potter’s Guild (Gwynned, Northern Ergoth)
Locksmith’s Guild (Gwynned, Northern Ergoth)

While first venturing to the Island of Mestare, Stewert fell from the ship’s rigging during an attack by an elasmosaurus. Later after being taken prison by a mob of locathah, Stewert Stallwart died in an escape attempt. Rumor has it that his companions may seek his soul in the outer planes.

Stewert was not resurrected, but reincarnated. He returned as a shape-changing Hengeyokai.

Stewert Stalwart

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