Marcus Magnusson

Paladin of Kiri-Jolith; Peppermint Thor from Candyland


Jasper grew up as an orphan at the School of Moons. Growing up he had no idea of his real lineage. All he new was what was taught to him by his teachers. As he grew up he had no magic abilities so he would watch and learn along with the Watchmen. The one small difference was that the watchers trained with swords and they wouldn’t let Jasper train with anything but a war hammer. Jasper was a very good study and was soon able to hold his own with the other swordsmen. He had many classes along with his training with the hammer. One day Jasper finally got enough nerve to ask his trainers why he wasn’t allowed to train with a sword. They responded that they had direct orders from Celir Fria on what weapon he was to be trained with and that he would have to speak with Master Fria to learn why. This confused Jasper for Celir Fria was like a father to him and he was keeping secrets from him. Jasper then went to speak with the Master Watchman.

Knowing that the day would eventually come, Master Fria sat Jasper down and told him the following tale.

Jasper, born Marcus Magnusson to the King Alexander and Queen Andrea of Enstar Island, stood as a direct descendent of the Island Kings. An army, unknown to Master Fria, invaded his island while Jasper was still an infant. While his father stayed behind to lead the loyal troops, Queen Andrea fled to the mainland. After what seemed like an age, Andrea reached the School of Moons, where she implored the Headmasters to watch over her son. Soon after, the Queen left to join her husband.

The Headmasters then put the young prince into the hands of the Head Watchman along with a birthright. Queen Andrea left behind the Hammer of the Island Kings, which father had passed down to son for generations. Celir had raised Jasper, a name the Watchman had given him.
So much new knowledge perplexed Jasper. He was the son of a King? Who were these Kings of the Islands? He pondered these new facts a few days, then returned to Master Fria and obtained the Hammer. His new goal in life was to continue training until he could one day search out his parents and help them reclaim their previous glory. Until that day, he would continue as Jasper Michelsson, Trainee of the Watch.


Marcus has now taken on his real name, yet still travels the world seeking himself. Enroute he has found his parents, although he actually missed them by a few days when he joined the Coldborn seeking to re-throne their emperor. Later he met Sven Johanson, the watcher of Cedric Mystarious the XI, who taught him more about his Sacristian heritage.

Dear Father,
It is not yet time for me to return. I have another quest that I have given my word to help be accomplished. I truly regret that I must leave at this time before your return from Silvanesti but it can not be avoided. All I can say is that when the time is right I will return to you and you shall once again be put back upon your place of glory.
Marcus Magnusson

Marcus Magnusson

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