Ivor Malk

Human Barbarian


Ivor Malk was born into a merchant family. As an only son, his participation in all famliy tasks was needed, leaving little to no time for a proper childhood of carefree days. Ivor assisted in tasks from tackling and hitching the horses and camels, to counting the quantity of whatever items were in the shipping casket to be delivered to the next city on the route.

As Ivor grew into his adult years, his dream for adventure had not died, nor even diminished as the disdain for his merchant life had. After assisting his father with the appraisal of the goods being purchased to transport, the trek to the next town was the most enjoyable. Riding long the so-called road, he was able to let his mind wanter and image he was on the next phase of his adventure.

Ivor’s parents had been given the opportunity to transport a farmers goods from his storehouse barn to a neighboring city early in their mariage and enjoyed the travel and the merchantile feel when they reached the city. They struck out on their own using the pay they received from the farmer who first hired them. Their first purchase was a wagon and a load of hay from another neighboring farmer. They sold the hay in the city for three times what they had purchased both the wagon and the hay for. It was sold to an Inn keep who had run out of hay for feed that day and had the townships govornor housed for the next few days. The Inn keep had been searching all day for feed and had yet to find some when he came across Ivor’s parents, Geran and Sara. Some money was put away, the rest was used to continue the adventure that has gone on to this day.

Through the years, Ivor has seen his father make some business choices that were a little on the shady side. He did not believe his father to be cruel or dishonest in his dealings, but Ivor vowed he would be as honest as he could be when it came to dealing with other people. He would withhold information if he felt it was not necessary to divulge, but the information given was accurate as far as he knew it to be. Some of the regular customers who came to the Malk family requesting goods began to realize this feature in Ivor and praised him for ‘staying true’.

Some trips taken by Ivor and his famliy required armed guards. Ivor enjoyed these trips as some guards imparted their wisdom of weaponry on him. Rarely was there any conflict, but when there was, the family was able to escape without loss. The guards earned there pay and-then-some on those trips. Geran paid extra to the men, which was not promised, when the family and goods were saved from bandit raids.

Some of the recent trips have been different in Geran sending Ivor ahead of the Wagon and securing an Inn, and feeling out for possible potential buyers. This has only happened a handfull of times, but Ivor thouroghly enjoyed the independance and the trust his father had laid upon his shoulders.

Weeks ago, on the families travel north from Sanction, Geran brought the family together into councel. Geran felt Ivor was reaching an age where he would need to make the choice on what he would do with his life. Geran Zwould allow Ivor to stay with the family and take on a position of apprentice and be trained on appraising items (as Geran saw the enjoyment Ivor had for it), as well as other merchant duties. Or Ivor could strike out on his own and follow the of path his heart. Ivor was at a loss as to what he wanted, because he had come to enjoy the capacities his father had put him in, but he also wanted to venture on his own. Ivor suggested he visit the next few cities on his fathers route and determine for himself if living on his own was for him. His father wrote down the Inn’s they had stayed at in the past and Ivor was free to leave messages for them there to let them know of his travels and intentions.

Ivor set out the next morning with a purse from his father and felt he was at the beginning of his life. He walked the town and spoke to a few people about their craft. He was entrigued, but not enough to want to take it on for his life. His mind would wander and revisit other markets where he had seen items from the craft and guage the items value. He talked to a few individuals about time spent as a guard for merchant trains.

At the next town he spoke with a blacksmithing family that escaped from Kalaman. He talked about the work that the smith had done while he was there and what he is doing now that he is here. Ivor’s mind was spinning over the idea that the entire city of Kalaman not containing a single blacksmith. Ivor returned to his inn and lied on his bed for hours pondering what the city would come to without the use of a blacksmith. Ivor awoke the next morning and wrote a message to leave for his father.

Father, I have writtento tell you that I will not be waiting in Neraka. I have decided to go to Kalaman. The city is without blacksmiths and wish to see how the people are getting on without thier craft. This may be an opportunity for our family to present the blacksmiths goods without the blacksmith needing to be present in the city. I spoke with a blacksmithing family here yesterday, and they felt it was too dangerous to stay, even with the people requesting so much of them. If the demand for smiths is so high, why not try to ease the pain of the people by presenting the goods they are seeking without putting the blacksmiths lives in danger. I will send word from Kalaman to the Inn you will be staying at in Neraka. My love to both you and Ma, Ivor

Ivor left that morning.

Ivor Malk

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