Gandil Ganis


Gandil’s Mission:

To protect the weak, and serve the righteous. Only by strength of Mind, Body, and Spirit can this be accomplished. Strength in Mind, knowledge of good and evil, what makes the world work, and of its people. Strength in Body, combat is necessary to protect the weak, and to be fit in combat constant training of the body is to be expected. Strength in Spirit, freedom from guilt, meaning doing only that which is honorable and right.

Guild Membership (Place of Application)
The Watchmen (School of the Moons, Thorbardin)
Blacksmith’s Guild (Gwynned, Northern Ergoth)

The Dream of Gandil of House Ganis
As recorded by Aech the Nimble

Following a long day of training, Gandil returned late to his barrack. The responsibilities of the Watch sank deep into his soul. His instructor, Za Magtillius, had put a great deal of emphasis on the duties that a Watchman held in relationship to the Mage they served. Many heroic tales were told of Watchmen, who understanding their duties gave up their lives. The black skinned man from the Khalkist Mountains recounted the old tales as if he had stood next to the fallen.

Exhausted from such a grueling day, Gandil quickly fell to sleep watched over by a full winter solstice white moon.

In his dream, he told me, he stepped out onto an rolling plain and felt a breeze coming from the sea, which he knew was over one hundred miles to the east. He knew that the one he protected stood off to his right. Tension built in his temples, an evil not of this world lay at the horizon with only one desire, destroy Gandil’s charge. Slowly the yellow aura grew stronger and brighter behind the next hill. Once again testing his grip on the moon-engraved sword, he looked back over his right shoulder. A bright white flash obscured his vision and he bolted out of sleep. One last thing linger from his dream, the smell of cinnamon.

Dear Sam:

Seven years ago, I fell in love with you. You made me crazy. I did stupid things. I thank you for that. There was a time when I blamed you, but it was not your fault. I am the one to blame, and I take that responsibility.
I assume that you have married. You are probably running your own manor, possibly even the Kingdom. I am happy for you. I never could have given you that.

You may know, but you may not know, so I tell you now. I am not with the Solamnic Knighthood. I am not a glorious knight in shining armor. That path would never have led me to shining armor. They are evil. A path, less shining, but more noble I have taken. I have devoted my life to protecting those who cannot protect themselves. The path I have taken will never be simply of fame, and fortune. I will never lead an army to their deaths. War is not my path.

On the fifth day of Newkolt, I was born. I became a Watcher. I now belong, and I am whole. I have vowed to protect a good wizard. Finally I do not fear being found. I am polarized, and do not fear where I used to call home. Wulfgaar will never be home to me.

I love you still, although I will never be crazy again. Do not try to find me. Do not reply to this letter. I will never write you again. Do not tell my family about me. They will not understand. It is best that they think I am dead. I will never call them family again. They I will remember fondly, but that is not who I am any longer.

With Fondest Memories;
Watchman Gandil
Gandil of House Ganis
What are his hangout places? There are two places that Gandil will hang out. The first is the practice yard. The second is the Smithy.
Who are his buddies? Gandil does not have any buddies. He is very much a loner. He really doesn’t feel comfortable around much of anyone.
How close is he to his friends? Gandil makes friends rarely, but when he does they are closer than family to him.
Does he live with anyone? He lives in the barracks of the Watchmen.
Is he married? No.
Is there anyone he protects? He protects Cassandra
Past History
What stupid things did he do when he was younger? Once Gandil fell in love. He acted the complete idiot as any kid would. To prove his love he stole the signet ring from his rival house. His punishment was to be sent to the Salomnic Knights for training. He never saw the girl again. She was sent to live with cousins.
What hurt will he never forgive? The betrayal he felt when he realized that the Knighthood was corrupt.
Who was his first love? Samantha of House Feredial
Which toys from his childhood has he kept? Sam gave him a hammer medallion. She was the only one that really accepted his love for Armor and Weaponsmithing.
Fears and Desires
What is his secret dream? That he was just a commoner and could devote all his time to building.
What is his worst fear? That he will dishonor his family, or that his family would find him.
What does he wish he could do that he can’t? Erase his nobility.
Hobbies and Habits
What are his hobbies? Building Armor and Weapons
What does he read? Books about battles and weapons
What music does he like? Romantic drivel especially sad
Physical Details
Does he get sick? Never
Does he have any long-term ailments? None
What about disfigurements and handicaps? A tattoo on his shoulder of a Knight of the Crown.
How does he exercise? He works his sword, axe, and bow forms twice a day five days a week.
What build does he have? He is very muscular, broad shouldered, and tall. There is no fat on him.
His Home
Where does he live? Currently he lives in the Watchmen’s tower. He is from Nordmaar. This is where his family comes from.
Details of Life
What sorts of food does he eat? Gandil loves Broccoli but he will eat anything put in front of him.
Where does he vacation, and how often? Vacation?
What clothes does he like to wear? He likes to wear clothes that allow freedom of movement and a chain shirt
Does he have any pets? No.
Gandil is the third son of Duque Danil of Ganis. He was a very friendly boy. He always played games with the servant’s kids, and had quite the fascination with the Smithy. He spent most of his time in the Smithy, and quickly picked up the trade. Although when his father found out about the Smithy, Gandil was told never to go near the Smithy. Of course all that meant was that Gandil hid going to the Smith from his family.
He became very good at keeping secrets from his family, and soon he became more and more a loner.
When he was twelve years old he was introduced to Samantha of House Feredial, whose house had always been close to the Ganis. Their friendship quickly grew into more. Soon the relationship between Sam and Gandil was innocent love. Seeing this relationship as strength to the friendship between the houses, his parents and her parents betrothed the couple.
To further prove his love to Sam, he took a dare contrived by Sam’s brothers to steal the signet ring from House Verned who was a rival house to the Ganis house. Gandil did steal the ring, and was successful, but when Sam found out, she made him return the ring, and would not see him again. The punishment for this crime was agreed upon, and Gandil was sent to the Salomnic Knights to become a Knight.
Within the first three months of his training with the knights, Gandil started to see that the knights were corrupt. He wrote home to tell his family, but the letter never arrived, and hence no reply was sent.
So after four months, Gandil left the Knighthood and fearing his family, he did not return home. Gandil spent another three months wondering around looking for a place for him. He tried going to the Legion of Steel, but quickly determined they were not for him. Besides if his family looked for him, the most obvious place would be there. So he continued looking. One of his trainers at the Legion had mentioned that if a person wanted to learn how to fight, the best place was the Watchmen. So Gandil left to go to Thorbardin to find these Watchmen.
On the way Gandil came upon an apprentice wizard who was set upon by brigands, and he rescued the apprentice. They became friends and the apprentice learned that Gandil wished to be a watcher, and so sponsored Gandil in his training.

Gandil has many heirlooms as his birthright to the Ganis house. These are a Master crafted Great Sword, Great Axe, a Chain Shirt, a Bastard Sword, a Steel Shield. All of these have the sigil of house Ganis embossed on them.

The Ganis crest consists of a rampant wolf, on a blue field.


The Ganis family:

The House of Ganis is not a large family, but the family is of reputation, and stature. The Duque Danil, being cousin to the reining King of Nordmaar, is a powerful man, and highly respected. The Duque has three sons the first died in a carriage as it fell off a cliff, when the boy was twelve. The second, Alfonzo was made the heir to the Ganis titles. The third son, Gandil, was the black sheep of the family. In a lot of ways, the Duque wanted Gandil to be the heir, considering his second son weak. There are four daughters in the House also; they are all older than Gandil.
The culture of the Ganis is very hostile. There is constantly danger, either rival houses using any means necessary to bring down the Duque and his family. The King encourages this activity, but he does not countenance knowing. So anyone caught committing mischief is harshly dealt with. The crime which Gandil committed was very mild, and would not have even caused a stir, except he was caught.
There are several dirty secrets that the Duque keeps from even the Duquesa. One is that their first son was murdered, and the carriage pushed off the cliff, although who committed this crime is still unknown. Another is that the High Seat of House Feredial did not want his daughter to marry Gandil, but to marry the heir to the High Seat of Ganis. The whole incident of stealing the Verned sigil was a setup. The entire thing was concocted between the Duque, and the High Seat of Feredial.
Within four months of Gandil leaving to go to the Salomnic Knights, Samantha, and Gandil’s older Brother, Alfonzo were betrothed. On Samantha’s sixteenth birthday they were married. After one year of being married, Alfonzo met with a fatal hunting accident.
It is still whispered that Samantha’s brothers were the ones who created the accident which brought about the death of Alfonzo. Samantha was never happy with him.
It is widely believed that Gandil died while training to become a Knight. It is the closest guarded secret that Gandil left the order, and that he is likely still alive. Danil holds the truth hidden deep within his own mind; for fear that he will let his enemies know that he still has a living son.
When the letter that Gandil sends to Samantha arrives, it will not be noticed by anyone. The letter will be sealed with the mark of the Watch tower, and will simply be addressed to Samantha of House Feredial. If the messenger had known who had sent the letter it would have been burned.
The letter arrives exactly a year after Alfonzo was murdered, and Samantha will have completed the mourning time, which she mourns for Gandil more than for Alfonzo.
The arrival of the letter is noticed though. Her handmaid lets slip who the letter was from, and this information passes to the wrong people, and so now those who would see the Ganis House completely collapsed set out after Gandil.
Samantha turns up missing within the week, and many believe that she stopped wanting to live. She being the only heir to the Ganis House is very valuable to the plans laid by the Conde Yaz. He sends people off to find her, and knowing what was in the letter sent by Gandil, sends people to the Watch in hopes of finding her looking for Gandil.
What is unknown to everyone is that the Duque has had secret contact with the Watch; he has known everything that Gandil has done, and knew when he was raised to the status of a Watchman. If the letter had been sent from the School of Moons, the letter never would have arrived.
Fortunately for Samantha, she came to the Duque, who told her everything, and swore her to silence. He then told her that he did not care if House Ganis failed, as long as that failure did not ruin his family. He wanted Gandil to remain secret, and never return to Wulfgaar, so that he may remain safe. He also wished her to find him, and that they both would be happy together, and safe. He told her information to assist her in finding Gandil, and arranged her disappearance.

Gandil Ganis

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