Demarcus Soote

Human Psionic


Demarcus “Stormcrow” Soote

Some years ago Demarcus was found by a farmer who was bringing in his harvest by wagon to sell. He was found on the side of the road and near death. The farmer just narrowly surviving an encounter with brigands and being rescued by what appeared to be a silver dragon felt obligated to pass on his good fortune to this stranger in need. So he loaded the wounded Demarcus in his wagon and continued his journey. The farmer having taken his harvest to the market that was located by Habakkuk’s Fountain and when he turned to go back to his wagons so that he could take the wounded man on to the temple he saw a woman all in white that was peering into his wagon. When he yelled and approached the woman looked up and then fled into the crowd. When he realized there was no finding her he went back to his wagon and found that the man was gone along with everything he had found with the wounded man and in his place was a small bag of coins. When he tried to find out who the woman was all he got was an old wives tail of a woman in white that brought good luck to all those she encountered.

When Demarcus woke up he found that he was in a dark room in a soft bed. It had been years since he had spent a night in a soft bed. As the reality came to his mind that he was in a strange place and there where people on the other side of the door that he could hear and he had no idea who they where. As he was about to try and get up he felt a calmness come over him and he lay back down and passed out.

As Demarcus passed in and out of consciousness he felt a new presence in the room with him. He opened his eyes and in the haze he could have sworn that the god Habakkuk was standing over him in the flesh. He could feel the hands as they came down and rested on his head. He could then feel the power as all his acks and pains started to leave his body. He opened his eyes and could just make out that the armor appeared as if it was water and the helm swept back as if the wings of the phoenix. As he felt the power surge through his body he gave in and once again passed out but this time it was a sleep of comfort and rest.

When Demarcus finally woke he found that he had gained his strength back. He also found that he was in the care of those still faithful in the city to Habakkuk and Brancala. He learned that he had been taken from a farmer who found him on the side of the road on fear that he would take him to the temple.

When Demarcus finally inquired about those that had ministered unto him it was then that he learned that it wasn’t the god himself ministering to him but his servant, the Squire of Habakkuk. When he asked where he might find the squire he learned that he had just risked his life to rescue the Prophet of Brancala from the stocks in front of the temple and had fled to escort him to a secret meeting.

Demarcus has since spent his time in the city of Kalamon helping those in need that he is capable of helping.

Demarcus grew up in a hidden village in Southern Estwild as a member of the disgraced family Soote. He grew up idealizing his older cousins ________________ and __________________ who where 10 years his elder. He would go and watch them as they practiced and learned the art of the sword. When the day came for his cousins to leave and travel to Polanthas in order to join the knighthood was a sad day in his life for he was different than every one else in the village and it seemed that his cousins where the only ones that seemed to understand him and treat him with acceptance. When they left Demarcus ran away in order to follow his cousins to Polanthas. Two days into the journey he rose to find his cousins riding back towards him and he had been so careful to stay a safe distance so that they would not know he was following. Knowing that his cover had been blown he waited boldly at his small camp for his cousins to arrive. When they arrived at his small camp he found that they where no longer alone. There was a third man with them. Demarcus couldn’t take his eyes off the stranger. There was something about this man that just drew him to the man.. As his cousins spoke to him and how he needed to go back to the village until his time comes Demarcus didn’t hear a word, he was trying to piece together what it was about this man who was traveling with his cousins. The clasp that help together the mans cloak resembled two lightning bolts and when the man stretched his arms towards the fire for warmth he could see what appeared to be a tattoo of a blue phoenix on his right forearm and in the talons of the phoenix it held lightning bolts as well. When his cousin finally did get his attention they introduced the stranger as Uncle Saul. He is the eldest brother of their mother. He is very advanced in age and is journeying back him for what he said could be his last time. His cousins convinced him to turn around and journey back to the village with their uncle. With this his cousins turned around and continued their journey to Polanthas and Demarcus traveled with his Uncle back to the village.

Over the next 4 years Demarcus develops a close bond with his uncle. His uncle teaches him of Habakuk and of a special talent that he can sense within him. Over time Demarcus learns that it is this talent that was drawing him to his uncle the night that they met. His uncle teaches him to start to tap into this power and how to handle and control its power. At the start of the 5th year Demarcus is approached by his uncle and mother and tell him that it is time for him to make the journey to Tarsis where he can join the school of the Tarsian Brotherhood, for they can teach him what his uncle has forgotten in his old age. Demarcus will spend the next 4 years in Tarsis with the Tarsian Brotherhood.

When Demarcus came of the age of 20 he received word that his cousins had left the order of the knights, returned home and have been riding in Estwild around Kalamon attacking those doing harm and assisting those in need. Demarcus new that he needed to go and help his cousins in their cause. Being in Tarsis he decided that the fastest way to Kalamon was by ship, and thus he traveled to Kalamon. When he arrived he new that the best way to try and find information would be to go to the Mariners guild. When he found the chapter house he learned that it had been closed by order of the cardinal. Unknowing to him the chapter house was under strict watch under the order of the cardinal and when he tried to enter the building by removing the boards blocking the entrance he soon found himself surrounded. Not being one to give up lightly he stood his ground. As the fight went on Demarcus had wounded 5 and taken down 3 when he heard what sounded like an explotion and felt a hot burning sensation as something pierced his chest and everything went black.

When Demarcus could open his eyes again he found that he was being transported on a wagon along with numerous other bodies. As he could see the city walls disappear he rolled off the wagon. Unknowing the extent of his injuries when he hit the ground everything went black again as his body rolled under the brush on the side of the road.

The next thing Demarcus knows he is in a comfortable bed in a strange house.

I woke up this morning to and decided to go out in the market to see what I could do to earn my stay with the good family that had taken me in. I did heed their counsel and did what I could to disguise myself before going out. It is difficult to hide ones heritage though when one is over 6 foot and wears the tattoos that mark ones training in the brotherhood. I did as well as I could, not being one that is skilled in the art of disguises and then ventured out into the market.

It wasn’t long before I found those that where in need and to witness how many there where would seem to be enough to break the blackest of hearts. How is it that a city that is run by the cardinal be so blind to the needs of the people?

I heard an explosion today that made me grab my chest thinking that I was once again being attacked by the city guard’s black magic weapons again. You should have seen the looks that I received from a couple of men when I made the unmistakable reaction. It wasn’t long before one of the men asked to sit at my table at the tavern. He introduced himself as Father Cornelius. As it would turn out he ran the orphanage here in Kalamon. It was from this good father that I learned of the use of black powder in handheld weapons. he also told me that those from the Estewild are not welcomed with open arms within the city these days and that I should try to stay low and not cause any trouble.

Later that day as I was making my way back to where I was staying when I saw that there where two city guards in an ally and they where assaulting a woman. As much as I was warned by the good father this I could not condone and allow to happen. I summoned all of the power that I could hold and in my anger I could feel the power surge beyond what I can normally hold and it felt as though it was going to consume me. When I released the power there was a great blinding blue flash and both men lay unconscious next to the woman. When I checked on them all three where still breathing to my relief for I had not killed them. I quickly gathered the woman in my arms and took her to the orphanage where I knew the good father would make sure she was taken care of properly.

Demarcus Soote

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