Cedric Mystarious

The Lord Green



Walking through the darkness, Cedric stepped into brilliant light. A forceful yet kind voice desired of him, “Why have you chosen this path?”

“I seek to do that which is right and good,” was his reply.

The voice came again, “Then why did you attack your uncle?”

“With all the knowledge in my uncle’s possession, he would not use a simple knife to hurt me. He was not my uncle.”

“And since he was not your uncle, why did you not kill him?”

Rising to the top of his height, Cedric looked fervently into the light. “It is not mine to give or take life. This man, or whatever he is, need not to be destroyed by me.”

With that, the previous strength fled from the young mage’s body and he slumped to the floor. The world of his consciousness grew until the brightness overcame his entire being.

When the battered mage awoke, the vastness of space stared down at him. None of his astronomical training had prepared him for what he saw now. Not a single constellation looked right. As he looked around him, it seemed as though he stood in a desert of pure white sand. Then in the distance, a figure walked toward him, a burden carried in both hands.

The likeness of the figure to himself was uncanny. Robes of the purest white flowed around his person, while shoulder length hair was blown across his face. The burden itself was a set of white wizard robes, with draconic letters embroidered throughout the cloth in an even purer white.

The stranger spoke first. “Cedric Mystarious, will you wear these robes?”

A wave of delight coursed over the new wizard as he somehow found the words, “It would be my pleasure to wear them.” He could find no other words as he received the bundle of white.

“I am Solinari…” The words of the Arcane God were interrupted as Cedric fell to his knees. “I understand that you do not always care to follow all the rules of men.”

“Yes, your Honor.”

“For you this is good. You will find that the laws of men change throughout the lands.” With that the globe of Krynn came into view on the horizon. “There are many continents to travel, each with its own rules. You will find it wise to accept arcane magic in its many forms.”

Then the moon seemed to lean closer to the blue and green planet. “You have wondered in the past,” Solinari continued, “about your signet ring and its strange markings. There is an island to the west of your Northern Ergothian home. There you will find the answers you seek.”

Recorded by the hand of Marinor Semm, Master Historian of the School of Moons, in the four-hundred and sixty-fifth year since the great Cataclysm in the Tome of Light.

About 120 years ago, Cedric of Mestare left his home island and traveled to Anasalon, making his home on Northern Ergoth. However, when he left, he took with him the Lacklight key which when placed in a lock wards off all aquatic creatures within a mile. Once in his new home, Cedric took the surname Mystarious and gave up the life of a sorcerer for wizardry. For generations his name has been passed down within the bounds of a truly magical family. However, the Lacklight key acted as a curse, for any wizard that touched the key would lose all ability to use magic for forty-eight hours.

While testing to become a member of the Tower of High Sorcery, Cedric the Twelfth learned about his ancient homeland and desired to return there. His father, Cedric the Eleventh, decided that the cursed key needed to be returned to this island and destroyed. So with his Uncle George Mystarious aboard the ship Enchanter, the voyage back to the island of Mestare began.

After rejoining the Mestarian people, Cedric the Eleventh replaced the key in the Great Throne allowing his exiled people to return to the once-great Mestare City.

Guild Memberships (Place of Application)
Tower of High Sorcery (School of the Moons, Thorbardin)

Cedric Mystarious

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