Burning General

Burning demi-god with ambitions for godhood.


Stories about the Burning General

The Histories of Astinus tell that after the world was created there was a lack of balance in the power. There were more gods of darkness than there were of light. So the gods of neutrality threatened Tahkisis that is the numbers were not evened they would side with the forces of good to bring. In order to thin her numbers Tahkisis cast her entourage to Krynn to battle. She promised the victors that they would be given their rightful place in the godhood, but those who lost wold be locked in the abyss for all time. The battles raged on krynn for hundreds of years until the gods of light could no longer pallet the loss of innocent life. That was when they created champions to protect the innocent and defend against the embroiled forces of evil. This is when the Champions of Light came into being and they began to rally the land behind the symbol of the infinite dragon.

An Ancient Elven Song tells the story of a man and a woman who were in love as no other before them. The man was a general who was battling for the supremacy of his kingdom was a tyrant and a brutal ruler that used mystical powers to deceive his love into believing that he was right to act as he did. One day the general crossed paths with a beautiful goddess. The goddess found the general irresistable and bewitched him into having an affair with her. After the initial coupling the general saw the goddess for who she was and he turned from her with scorning. The spurned goddess cursed the general to eternally burn with the fury of her wrath. Instantly the general was engulfed in an unquenchable flame. He attempted to return to his true love, but she finally saw him for the evil man he was and leaves him. The general curses her to remain young and beautiful for all time until she comes to love him again. (This woman is known as rose and lives on Schallsea.) The song ends with the powers of the goddess conquering the kingdom of the general and laying waste to the entire land and killing every creature living there. It is claimed that she salted the earth so that nothing to grow to remind her of him and his refusal of her. The song teaches a lesson about evil turning on itself.

Burning General

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