In the beginning...

First session

In the first playing session we did the following:

  • The PCs were introduced and immediately encountered a priest Sword of Mishakal that was being attacked by small goblin-like creatures.
    • The priest seemed in a bad state and was heavily pressed by a multitude of these creatures.
    • The bodies of other were strewn about the area indicating that we had come upon the end of a mighty battle.
    • The heros dispatched the little monsters and tended to the Priest.
    • They were able to stabilize him, but not heal all of his wounds as there seemed to be something broken or diseased within him..
    • He handed the PCs a scroll that told of “the Taker of Princesses”.
  • The heros crafted an A-frame and proceeded to take the priest toward Balifor in an effort to find him some help.
    • Along the way the saw several remains of mighty battles that were, presumably, held between the priest and other groups of the goblin-like creatures.
  • On arrival in Balifor the PCs secured lodging at the Sleeping Wolf Inn and sent for help for the priest.
    • Help arrived in the form of a Celric of Habbakuk who instructed NightStorm while Andreus and Ridir received help and information from a member of the Disgruntled Guards Guild.
  • After further investigation and some frivolity the PCs discovered the following:
    • The Order of Takhisis is preparing for the Summer Solstice ceremony.
    • 4 princesses are rertedly missing and their homelands equate to roughly the four cardinal directions.
    • Ancient texts show that there was once a ceremony performed in Takhis’ name that involved killing 4 virgins by shoving them off of a cliff.
    • A slave trader brought a young woman into the city that matched the description of one of the princesses.
  • NightStorm has solicited the assistance of a large (and possibly fiendish)tabby cat to see if he can confirm that the princesses are being held in the affluent part of the city and specifically investigate the cathedral.



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